Irina Shayk's Training And Nutrition. How Does A Supermodel Keep Fit?

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Irina Shayk's Training And Nutrition. How Does A Supermodel Keep Fit?
Irina Shayk's Training And Nutrition. How Does A Supermodel Keep Fit?

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The supermodel believes that stress is the main cause of external change.


Irina Shayk is an international model who has collaborated with Vogue, Givenchy and Lacoste. In 2020, she became one of the four sexiest women in Russia according to Maxim magazine. How does a model at 35 manage to maintain perfect shape and perfect skin condition? We understand the rules of care that the supermodel adheres to.

No rigid diets

Irina Shayk does not abuse flour and sweets, but she also does not set excessive restrictions. “As my mother says, if you really want candy, it's better to eat it than not to eat it and suffer,” the model said in an interview.

Irina eats a lot of vegetables and fish, but at the same time confesses her love for Russian cuisine and sometimes even cooks borscht at home. The model is a supporter of fractional nutrition: she snacks in small portions 4-5 times a day. She replaced white bread in her diet with black, and every morning she drinks a glass of water with lemon. It is a balanced diet without exhausting restrictions that allows Shake to keep in good shape.

Personal approach to training

Many years ago, model Anna Vyalitsyna introduced Irina Sheik to Justin Gelband. This trainer is responsible for the fitness of Victoria's Secret models. Later he became Irina's personal trainer. Justin learned the blood type of the model, her eating habits and lifestyle features, and later made an individual program.

Shake's workouts are based on walking, Pilates, boxing and light weight exercises. The peculiarity of physical activity is to make the model's body beautiful and strong, but at the same time not to overdo it with muscle mass.

Simple but effective care

After waking up, Irina first of all wipes her face with an ice cube - this allows her to refresh her skin after sleep. The model borrowed this habit from her mother. Also in the morning the model applies a moisturizer. In the first half of the day, she prefers not to paint, and in the summer she never uses dense products.

Lip balm is a must-have item in Shake's purse. And to cleanse the skin at the end of the day, she applies a collagen mask, followed by a moisturizer.

In addition, the celebrity practices Facebook building. With the help of simple exercises, you can maintain the elasticity of the skin, smooth out wrinkles and tighten the face contour. “To keep the oval of the face clear, I do special exercises, for example, inflate my cheeks, and then forcefully blow air out from one edge of the mouth, then from the other,” says the model.

Minimum stress

One of the main rules of a supermodel is no stress. Negative emotions have a bad effect not only on the internal, but also on the external state. “All our experiences are instantly reflected in posture,” she says. Meditating and meeting friends help Irina to fight stress and fatigue. Once a week in New York, Irina Shayk goes to a Russian bath - this habit also helps to get rid of negative emotions.

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