Irina Shayk Showed Her Face Without Makeup After Sleep

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Irina Shayk Showed Her Face Without Makeup After Sleep
Irina Shayk Showed Her Face Without Makeup After Sleep

Video: Irina Shayk Showed Her Face Without Makeup After Sleep

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Video: Irina Shayk’s Guide to Fresh Skin & Full Brows | Beauty Secrets | Vogue 2023, February

Russian supermodel Irina Shayk showed her face without makeup after sleeping and told fans about facial care. The post, which has garnered over a million views, appeared on her Instagram page.

The 35-year-old celebrity posted a video showing what cosmetics she uses after a morning shower. In the above footage, the model is captured with wet hair in a robe with an animal print. Her image was complemented by a hoop of the same color.

In the video, Shayk first combs the hair of her beloved, according to her, a comb of the Harry Josh brand. Then, to get rid of the swelling, she uses a Nicole Caroline gadget, in which you need to place an ice cube. The model emphasizes that the next important step in her care is skin hydration. To do this, she applies 111Skin cream on her face and neck and massage with a roller.

In addition, the model also uses two eye creams from Shani Darden and Mimi Luzon on a daily basis. In addition, Shayk applies thermal water to the face between applications. According to the fashion model, she completes the moisturizing of the skin with a drop of Augustinus Bader cream.

At the end of the video, Shayk uses Mimi Luzon Lip Balm and 24k Pure Gold Lip Treatment with 24K Gold. “While the lip mask is doing its job, I put on everyday makeup on my face,” the star explained and added that she makes a make-up using a Burberry stick-shaped highlighter and concealer to hide redness.

Earlier in February, Irina Shayk posed nude for advertising cosmetics with gold. She was captured without clothes and underwear, in the photo the model covers the bare parts of her body with her knees and hands. At the same time, a moisturizing gold-colored lip mask was applied to the lips of Shayk.

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