How To Quickly Put Yourself In Order And Look Irresistible

How To Quickly Put Yourself In Order And Look Irresistible
How To Quickly Put Yourself In Order And Look Irresistible

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Time and fashion today dictate to do everything quickly. Do not spend too much time and too much effort to get the desired result. And beauty is no exception. The traditionally high demand for express care procedures is dictated by our rhythm of life. And our.. laziness, of course, too. Is it possible to combine the incompatible and, with the help of simple manipulations, instantly get prettier, become irresistible, and rush away - in the spring, towards new affairs and close holidays, flowers and compliments?


“Cosmetology is actively developing, and today you can quickly transform the skin of any age,” says Aigul Zakhirova, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist of the EPILAS network of medical centers. bags under the eyes). And then go to a beautician who will help you choose the procedures you need, based on what time you have before a holiday or an important event. If there are only 1-3 days in stock, then the main requirement for cosmetic manipulations is, while caring, do not additionally injure the skin. This can be procedures such as massages, masks, or laser skin rejuvenation. If there are at least 10-14 days before an important event, then the range of procedures expands significantly. A beautician can offer you mesotherapy cocktails with vitamins to give your skin a glow. Biorevitalization is also often used to replenish skin turgor. And also superficial peelings that renew cells”.

In any important cases, the cosmetologist, trainer Atismed Olga Bezruk advises to contact the professionals. “In clinics and beauty salons, any express care usually begins with hardware cleansing of the facial skin - this is the well-known ultrasonic cleaning, vacuum cleaning, gas-liquid and so on. - says Olga Bezruk. - The next stage - the face needs to be nourished, as they say. The easiest way is to use alginate masks, under which drugs are injected, the task of which is to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the epidermis, accelerate metabolic processes, remove metabolic products, etc."

Of course, with all the skill of a cosmetologist, express care is not a magic wand. What effect can you expect, what problems can you solve by applying for such services to a clinic or beauty salon? There are a lot of them. Even in an accelerated mode, experts say, it is possible to significantly reduce, or even completely remove, skin porosity and a dull complexion; light pigmentation; excess fat content; dryness and flaking; fine wrinkles; rosacea. According to beautician Alexandra Zenirova, various massage techniques as part of express care can improve complexion; reduce swelling, including under the eyes; smooth out mimic wrinkles, reduce the relief of skin folds, swelling and make the oval of the face clearer.

If young women (from 20 to 40) "quick methods" help to remove traces of fatigue, dehydration, reduce the manifestation of acne and fight the first signs of aging, then people of 50+ have much more problems: in addition to wrinkles, the contour of the oval changes noticeably, age-related pigmentation appears, capillary mesh, the skin becomes thinner and loses its tone - express care is able to smooth out these imperfections. Of course, masks alone are not enough here. Hardware techniques come to the rescue. As Olga Bezruk said, these include electroporation or the introduction of formulations containing hyaluronic acid, hardware cellular hydration and rejuvenation of the Biogeny face, in which neither redness nor other negative effects occur. Superficial peels that do not require rehabilitation can give a good result, they even out the surface and tighten the skin, creating a lifting effect. In addition to skin care, in order to "lift" muscles both in salons and in clinics, myostimulation is used (with the help of currents).

What can you do at home? If it is not possible to visit a beautician, experts say, a few hours before leaving, you can use acid cleansing, which does not give irritation, and ready-made alginate, woven face masks with hyaluron and collagen. Hydrogel face patches also give a good, albeit short-lived, effect. Professional masks that are impregnated with a composition with hyaluronic acid, peptides, plant extracts, coenzymes, etc., according to Olga Bezruk, are usually sold in salons and clinics, this is not a product of the mass market. Such masks can provide an instant wow effect worthy of entering the red carpet and are not recommended for daily use. And, of course, don't forget about face fitness - a magical exercise for the face!

Cosmetologist Olga Dvoryashina told about simple but effective procedures

“Take a shower. Stand under warm water for a few minutes and relax. And after carrying out hygiene procedures, turn on hot water for 10 seconds and switch to cold for 5 seconds. The same can only be done for the hands.

Massage your face. Use your fingertips to pat the entire face along the massage lines several times.

Wash yourself. After the massage, the pores open up.

Make a mask. If not at hand, take a gauze, soak it in tonic and apply it on your face. Lie down for 10-15 minutes and relax.

Do your exercises. After the mask, apply a serum to the face and start charging for the face. Squeeze and open your eyes firmly. Wrinkle and relax your nose. Inflate your cheeks and roll the air from one to the other, release the air through the corner of your mouth. Pull your lips into a tube as much as possible, and then wrap them in your mouth. Do each element 5 times.

Wipe your face with toner, apply serum and cream and start your makeup."

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