10 Stars Who Made Chin Plastics

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10 Stars Who Made Chin Plastics
10 Stars Who Made Chin Plastics

Video: 10 Stars Who Made Chin Plastics

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Video: Who Has the Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery? And What Can You Learn From Them? - Dr. Anthony Youn 2023, January

Usually stars do rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty - and everyone notices it. But chin plastics are rarely done, and if they do, then not everyone can notice it. Today we will tell you who performed this operation, and you missed this moment!


Renee Zellweger

Rene as a whole significantly "modified" her appearance, causing condemnation of fans.

One of the innovations was the new chin of the star. You shouldn't be so, Rene. We loved Bridget so much!

Megan Fox

A more graceful chin was undoubtedly graced by Megan Fox

She is the only one of the stars who does not hide that her appearance is largely the merit of plastic surgeons.

Blake Lively

Blake was unhappy with her overly sharp chin.

She corrected this: in our opinion, very well.

Patrick Dempsey

The actor considered an insufficiently masculine chin a flaw.

The strong-willed chin of the most beloved neurosurgeon doctor in the world is also a merit of doctors.

Rumer Willis

"Die Hard" daughter did not appreciate Daddy's inheritance.

The actress has significantly reduced the lower jaw. And it suits her very much! Moreover, my mother set an example.

Emily Blunt

Emily's chin was somewhat uneven.

The plastic surgeon corrected the defect with the help of implants.


The star stubbornly denies the intervention of a plastic surgeon.

It seems to us that her chin has become a little longer and sharper. Or is it just it seems?

Ashlee Simpson

The protruding chin gave the image of Ashley unnecessary brutality.

We like the new version better!

Demmy Moor

"Sharpening" her chin, Demi began to look much more aristocratic.

Although we also really like "before"!

Lady Gaga

An ardent opponent of plastic surgery in words, in fact, Lady Gaga, as we suspect, is somewhat disingenuous.

With regard to the chin, yes.

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