The Regional Administration Worked On The Mistakes

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The Regional Administration Worked On The Mistakes
The Regional Administration Worked On The Mistakes

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Video: State auditors flag Agriculture Department over accounting errors | ANC 2022, November

After the fair indignation of the Kursk residents about the fact that the local authorities had misinformed them about the organizations responsible for catching stray dogs in Kursk, the information “in that very news” was quietly corrected

It should be reminded that it all began with the fact that last Monday, during a planning meeting with the governor, the Regional Management Center announced the number of complaints received last week about stray dogs - there were an order of magnitude more such complaints. Soon after that, information was published on the official website of the Administration of the Kursk Region under the heading "Contracts for the capture of stray dogs in Kursk", where both the responsible organizations themselves and the telephone numbers for calls were indicated.

Very soon, the residents of Kursk began to report that the numbers either did not answer, or in the designated organizations they were told that they were not engaged in catching dogs.

The most interesting thing is that many Kursk mass media duplicated false information. And it was on them that the first bumps fell. For example, our colleagues from Kurskie Izvestia complained that they even received a call from the city committee of housing and communal services, demanding that the phones be removed from the article, since they have not been involved in catching stray dogs for a year.

After the hype in the original source, that is, on the website of the regional administration, the incorrect information was corrected.

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