Bonya Criticized The Appearance Of Natalia Oreiro

Bonya Criticized The Appearance Of Natalia Oreiro
Bonya Criticized The Appearance Of Natalia Oreiro

Video: Bonya Criticized The Appearance Of Natalia Oreiro

Video: Виктория Боня раскритиковала внешность Наталии Орейро 2022, December

Victoria promises to save the world from old age and assures that all Natalia's face problems are from ignorance. Bonya says: the star of the Latin American TV series could look much younger.

Victoria has recently greatly surprised the audience with her strange statements. During the period of general quarantine, she assured that all this was a conspiracy and talked about the secret materials of the CIA that she found.

Later, the celebrity urged everyone not to be vaccinated in any way. The social media star was confident that the vaccine contained a chip that would allow everyone to control.

The woman turned out to be a supporter of the theory that 5G towers negatively affect human health. Because of this, she was going to abandon the new 12th iPhone, but later she nevertheless bought the gadget, promising subscribers to be sure to disable this option.

For the past six months, the celebrity has taken a great interest in all kinds of courses. After listening to lectures on gerontology on Instagram, the star said that she is a certified specialist in this field.

Now Bonya rejuvenates everyone with the help of gymnastics and Facebook building. Initially, Victoria's courses were in demand with an active audience. Now, when there are too many information products, there are fewer people willing to pay for them.

In this regard, Bona has to attract additional attention to herself. From time to time, she leaves comments with a call to buy her course in the accounts of celebrities, mostly Russian. In parallel, the star discusses the faces of other media people. The other day Victoria looked closely at the appearance of Natalia Oreiro, compared with herself and said that the actress looks much worse.

It's all about sunken eyes. According to Victoria, the tissues around the eyelids and nose sag over time. It is very important to learn how to train them and relax them so that this effect does not happen.

The star assures: she learned this and is going to teach others for only 900 rubles. Netizens were skeptical about this statement. Having evaluated the video with Victoria in the show "Alena, damn it!", They are sure - Bonya is deceiving everyone. In fact, the girl injects fillers under her skin, and on Instagram she shows herself different, using special filters that sculpt the face.

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