Kamensky Showed How It Looks Without Photoshop

Kamensky Showed How It Looks Without Photoshop
Kamensky Showed How It Looks Without Photoshop

Video: Kamensky Showed How It Looks Without Photoshop

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Nastya published her picture in a bikini and did not hide the flaws with the help of editors.


Nastya Kamenskikh, together with her husband Alexei Potapenko, spends most of their time in a private house. In his free time, a celebrity willingly sunbathes and at the same time pampers fans with pictures in swimsuits.

Users have noticed that recently, the star processes photos less and less. This is especially striking when comparing Nastya's pictures in glossy and men's magazines and photographs taken by Potap.

For example, recently the star showed everyone a picture in a snow-white bikini. On it the lady is captured without any retouching. The star just applied a filter that changed the tints in the photo. At the same time, the performer did not become like modern instadives. Kamenskikh did not play with the size of the waist, did not increase the hips and did not draw the press.

From this picture, it is noticeable that the figure of the fitness model Nastya is clearly far away, but in general she looks pretty.

By the way, the star began to adhere to this position not so long ago. The artist said that within the framework of the trends of modern gloss and Instagram, girls should remember how they look in reality and not get carried away by editors.

She recommended working on yourself if something in the body does not suit you, but at the same time assessing yourself realistically so as not to be disappointed. The singer herself has been adhering to a proper diet for a long time, is actively involved in sports and even launched her own line of sportswear.

Despite such efforts, the girl still manages to maintain her forms, and fans are satisfied with this. They are sure that this is precisely what the performer's individuality lies in. If the star loses a lot of weight, it will no longer be Nastya.


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