A Russian Woman Can't Look Bad

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A Russian Woman Can't Look Bad
A Russian Woman Can't Look Bad

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The mentality of the majority of Russian women, who are far from modern ideas of feminism, is laid down that they should look perfect. Probably, it is for this reason that in Russia and other CIS countries the level of the beauty industry is so high that women from all over the world flock to local masters for procedures. The Russian specialists who emigrated to the United States and Europe are disappointed by the local experts, because abroad women have lower requirements for themselves, and therefore for the hairdresser. Lenta.ru contacted residents of different countries and found out why foreign women are fighting for naturalness, while Russia is becoming the center of quality beauty services.

They don't need to lure a man with beauty, unlike our compatriots

Maria, a client of a beauty salon in the UK

I went to study in England for a whole month, so I had to get my manicure done in another country. There was no time to look for something luxurious, and I chose a beauty salon, which I passed while walking. In 2013, there were no cool places in Russia, but there was a beautiful salon with a minimalist interior and pretty decor.

I remember that a manicure cost £ 50 (about 2,500 rubles), it cost me a pretty penny, even though the rate was lower then. Still, at that time, a manicure did not cost that much money, but I thought: “I’m in Europe,” so I went.

Naturally, they greeted me with a smile on duty, but the horrors began from the very beginning of the procedure: the master simply took a file and began to scrape off my shellac. No softening, special liquid - nothing, she just sawed off my nails. I sat in horror. Of course, she could not remove all the varnish with an ordinary file, but I sat and was embarrassed to tell the master that she was doing everything wrong.

She cut me this shellac in half with grief, made a tyap-blooper manicure with an orange stick and scissors and varnished it. I left with the knowledge that I didn't want to use the services of masters in Europe anymore. Then I noticed that their beauty sphere is not as developed as in Russia.

In Europe and a number of other countries, values ​​are completely different. Women there do not feel that they owe something to someone, they have no dependence on a man. They take care of themselves exactly to the extent that they need it: they do not need to lure a man with their beauty, unlike many of our compatriots. In Russia, we most often try to make an impression with the help of appearance.

Remember the situation when you see a handsome European on the beach, who is sitting with two children, and his unattractive wife is lying next to him and reading a book. At our resorts, the opposite is true: a man drinks beer, and a beautiful wife plays with the children. Apparently, the equality and awareness of Europeans affect their appearance. A man perceives his wife without makeup, because he loves her for something else.

Russians also have the so-called herd feeling - we repeat everything one after another. Russian women want branded clothing or a fur coat just to fit with society. We may no longer strive to be perfect, but the tradition has developed: a Russian woman cannot look bad.

Plus, men are used to seeing well-groomed girls, they are used to making demands. Demand creates supply. Well, and girls in Russia, of course, find it easier to be beautiful, living off a man. And in Europe they are self-sufficient and believe that they do not have to please the opposite sex.

In Portugal, only a lesbian can have a short haircut, or if you have head problems

Victor, beauty salon master in Portugal

To begin with, the clients in Portugal and Russia are radically different. In Portugal, people are very demanding, they want to get the desired result immediately, and for little money.While painting, they may begin to be indignant with the words: "Why am I obliged to sit here so much?"

Now, if a Portuguese woman wanted to become a blonde, she doesn't care that she will have dead hair after dyeing. I want - that's all! The locals have no concept of the average: either this way or nothing. Many times I refused clients, after which they went to another place, "hammering" in my warnings that their hair could simply fall out.

In Portugal, almost all girls are dark-haired and they all want to be blonde. I constantly discourage them, because it is better to leave your beautiful hair, which you can take care of - and it will become even more beautiful and shiny. No, it's useless, because she wants to be "blondie".

The locals are generally very conservative. Everyone has the same hairstyles, or rather, their absence: just long hair. The demand for haircuts in Portugal is low, because for them a person can have a short haircut only in two cases: either it is a lesbian, or she has problems with her head.

In Russia, people are fashionable and trendy, especially in Moscow, where they are constantly trying new styles. You can't expect that from the Portuguese. I don't know why they are so closed and afraid of everything. They can be followed by a bunch of bloggers from other countries, but they will only repeat for a local star.

Now, if a local blogger has their hair cut, dyed or even put on something, the next day on the streets everyone will look the same.

For this reason, I found it difficult to find my client base here. I was lucky that I immediately got a job in a hairdressing salon owned by a guy from Moscow, but finding clients and understanding their mentality is very difficult. For the first two months, it generally seemed to me that I was doing some kind of ugliness, fulfilling their requests.

The Portuguese are generally wary of foreigners and love only their own people, and they demand more from newcomers. They believe that if they pay money, then all their requests should be fulfilled, even if from my professional point of view it is to their detriment. In addition, I do not speak Portuguese, which also did not play into my hands, but I showed my professionalism, and very soon they began to perceive me differently.

In general, one cannot compare the gigantic Moscow and the small Lisbon, in which there is no competition, no one wants to develop here, everyone has a normal life anyway. And in Moscow, people who do not grow professionally will simply stop making money. In Portugal, they have Wella and L'Oreal - that's it, they don't need anything else, it's hard to get the funds they need for work, they have to order them from other countries.

Here the prices for services are also low. In general, I think that we charge a little for our work, but everywhere there is a person who will say that it is expensive. In my personal opinion, if a person wants to look good, he will pay and will not regret it.

The Australians have created Wi-Fi, but the concept of beauty never reaches them

Marina, a client of a beauty salon, a resident of Australia

I had long been warned against an unpleasant experience, so I did the manicure myself upon arrival. But I have many scary cases associated with beauty salons, from “just plain ugly” to real injuries.

Here's one of the situations: Russian girls advised me to go to the salon for Vietnamese shoes. Personally, I have never encountered the problem of an ingrown toenail, but during the procedure, the master suddenly started picking under my skin and said: “The nail has grown, bear with it, you have to get it out.” Imagine the master has a sharp object in his hands, sharpened to cut the flesh! I was afraid to twitch and suffered from pain. Then all week I went with a swollen finger.

Another time I was stripped of my pride - my long hair. I had loin hair, natural blond, very beautiful. I went to a local salon that I chose based on reviews, with a very high Google rating. I then paid a lot of money for a haircut - I thought it was better to spend money than go to a filthy hairdresser.

As a result, for a lot of money, I got the hell.My hair was about a meter long, and I came out with hair that barely touched the shoulder blades - that's how I came to trim the ends. I never went anywhere else, except to see Russian girls. I found a master in a group where our compatriots living abroad share useful contacts.

Russians mostly unite into a clan and open salons, where you can do everything at once - this, of course, is convenient

I divide the salons into two categories. The first is a local salon with a beautiful interior, where mostly Asian women work. In such a place you will be poured champagne, scented candles will be lit, and a place for the dog will be organized. You will be licked from head to toe, but the quality of services will be simply disgusting. The second is the Russian salon, where it is always clean, but not pretentious. These are salons from the series where your mother took you to get a haircut to her friend, but the masters are one level higher there.

In Australia, as in Europe, prices are high for unjustified services. In an ordinary Vietnamese salon, they offer a manicure, which our self-taught girls do at the age of 14, for 35-40 Australian dollars (in the region of two thousand rubles). And the Russians can take twice as much for the same job, but they will do it much better.

There is a demand for beauty services, but mainly among Russians. Being a craftsman in Australia is profitable only if you work for cash, otherwise there is a fierce tax. There is also a terrible fashion for self-tanning. They walk around with orange skin, renewing it over and over again. But I rarely see neat hands, the concept of "manicure" is not widespread here.

It seems to me that the lack of demand among Australians for beauty services is due to the relationship between a man and a woman. In Russia, girls like to dress up for the opposite sex, because the more beautiful a woman is, the better she attracts a potential groom. Roughly speaking, Russian women in this way lure the male. If they do not grow kinder one hair, then they have a fear that he will go away. Thus, self-esteem falls.

Here, the attitude to appearance is simple: in Australia, the percentage of men is higher than that of women. Here a woman has a choice, in her consciousness neither society nor evolution has laid down that it is necessary to lure someone. Well, he left and left - the Australians do not worry if their roots are not painted over or a hair on their big toe sticks out.

Plus, everything takes a long time to arrive in Australia. We are in style back in the last century. I often see girls have gel nails with unrealistic designs from the 90s. In Russia, this is considered a collective farm, but here everyone likes it. The Australians have created Wi-Fi, but the concept of beauty does not reach them in any way - such are the strange people.

Many people work from home without a license, although it is illegal in Italy

Stephanie, TikTok blogger, resident of Italy

Despite the fact that I have lived in Italy for a long time, I rarely go to beauty specialists, because I have no trust in them. I have heard a lot of stories from other girls who came across terrible masters who ruined their hair, nails and everything that was possible. For this reason, I prefer to do all procedures in Russia or Ukraine. As a last resort, I am looking for craftsmen who came to Italy from the CIS countries - their quality is much better.

In Italy, beauty salons vary depending on the owner. If an institution was opened by an immigrant, especially from the CIS, then they have a prestigious place where they provide services of ideal quality. On the other hand, there are Chinese beauty salons, they are cheap and poor in interior, and the quality of services there is appropriate. In general, the prices in the salons are correlated with the salaries in the country.

As for the Italians, they have mid-level establishments, the interior is simple, but cozy. Much depends on the area. In Milan, for example, amazing Italian specialists come there from different parts of the country, because in that part of Italy there are rich people who can afford frequent visits to the salon.

In general, immigrant specialists are still better, since they come with a wide experience of work.

But recently I decided, at my own peril and risk, to go for a manicure and painting in a Chinese salon, the prices there are quite moderate, but the quality, as expected, is not so-so. My nails were damaged and they were thinned, the coating itself fell off the very next day, I tore one nail altogether. In general, I have no desire to go there again.

In general, Italians and Italians are very careful about their appearance, but this is more related to a healthy lifestyle, they strive for a beautiful body and skin. Often, Italians go to the hairdresser to simply wash their hair with a good shampoo, apply facial masks and do styling. And for a manicure they rarely turn to a specialist, more often they do it themselves at home. But all types of hair removal and depilation are a very common service among the locals.

In Italy, it is profitable to work as a foreman, they get good money, but for this you need to work hard - first get an education so that the activity becomes legal, then gain experience in the salon. Although I know that many newcomers work from home without a license, although it is illegal.

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