LDPR Demands To Lower Prices And Tariffs

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LDPR Demands To Lower Prices And Tariffs
LDPR Demands To Lower Prices And Tariffs

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This year, February 23, the holiday of the defenders of the Fatherland, turned out to be frosty. Every year on this day, members of the LDPR party gather for a solemn meeting. This time, due to the ban on rallies, it was held at the Zvyozdny CTC and combined with a concert program. However, the main thing was the speeches of the deputies and the discussion of the most pressing problems of the region

Officials lack the political will to lower prices for food, gasoline and housing and communal services, says Vladimir Fedorov, a deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, and calls for the introduction of food certificates for the poor. “The healthcare sector raises serious concerns. There are problems with financing hospitals, there are no subsidized medicines, it is difficult to buy the necessary drugs, some dubious schemes are constantly being planned,”says Vladimir Fedorov and it is difficult to disagree with him. But this is what the opposition is for, to control the work of officials.

Alexey Tomanov, a deputy in the Kursk City Council, spoke about the need to cancel the decision to increase the rent, reduce the cost of travel, and protect municipal property and the budget from inefficient use. It should be reminded that the sale of the last Kursk municipal bath on Gaidar is expected; the proposals to lease the building did not find a response from the officials. Aleksey Tomanov also drew attention to the fact that at the last meeting of the KGS deputies adopted a draft document stating that each work in the column "Repair and maintenance of housing" is now tariffed. “If you don’t have any work in your house, it means that they should be removed from the tariff and thereby make it lower, reduce the rent.”

The deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma from the Liberal Democratic Party Anna Raspopova called not in words but in deeds to protect veterans, old people and disabled people. Let us remind you that last year a regional bill on a lump sum payment to "children of war" was adopted. Last year, the Liberal Democratic Party proposed extending the payment to all participants in this privileged category of citizens, but were not heard, as a result, only a few of the "children of war", those who refused other benefits, receive the payment. A new initiative of party members is the indexation of pensions for working pensioners. Time and KurskTV will show whether it will be heard and accepted.

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