Sewage Water Got Into Ermoshkino Lake

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Sewage Water Got Into Ermoshkino Lake
Sewage Water Got Into Ermoshkino Lake

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The state of emergency was reported on February 16 in the regional administration, ecologists worked on the spot

Having left on the complaint of local residents, representatives of the Committee for Natural Resources of the Kursk region found traces of fecal waters on the pond.

As it was established, this happened as a result of a failure of the bypass valve in the sewer manifold located on 1st Lamonovskaya Street. Experts found damage at the facility of engineering networks, caused by unknown persons. After the local residents reported this to the unified dispatch service, the problems were quickly eliminated.

Almost simultaneously with this, information was being checked about the discharge of wastewater into the Tuskar River in the area of ​​the Kirovsky Bridge. As it turned out, there was no ice on the river at the natural outlet of the underground springs feeding the river. No traces of the discharge were found.

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