8 Celebrities Who Didn't Make It Through Their Looks

8 Celebrities Who Didn't Make It Through Their Looks
8 Celebrities Who Didn't Make It Through Their Looks

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Who do you think is a beautiful person? I think your answer and that of a stranger from the street will be very different. Although all people have different opinions and tastes, society has formed its own standards of beauty.


What about the actors? Is it easier for them to break into the movie industry with a pretty face? Perhaps some celebrities have achieved their success only because of their beauty, but real talent is always visible right away. We present to you a list of eight Russian stars who did not have an unearthly beauty in appearance, but were able to achieve heights.

Nelly Uvarova

Oddly enough, the list is opened by the actress of the film "Don't be born beautiful." Many will agree that her appearance is different from the reference. But it was Nellie's features that made her a star.

Faina Ranevskaya

Even if this star woman does not look like a beauty from the cover of a magazine, she was able to teach the whole world to love yourself as you are. Faina knew very well about all her shortcomings and never tried to hide them.

Alisa Grebenshchikova

The talented actress has never chased the title of the most beautiful woman. She won the attention of the public with her strength and skills, and not with the help of a beautiful face. Her roles in comedies always amuse and delight fans.

Irina Gorbacheva

The girl's non-standard appearance does not prevent her from attracting fans. She gets used to the images so well that no one even thinks about how she looks. With the help of her talent and charisma, she is able to reach any heights.

Olesya Zheleznyak

The first thing you notice in this girl is not her appearance, but her unique charisma. Any role will become hundreds of times brighter if performed by Olesya. Even a small role in "My Fair Nanny" brought the actress great fame.

Ekaterina Vilkova

Someone is attracted by Catherine's appearance, and someone is repulsed. Atypical facial features do not prevent the actress from acting in popular TV shows and films and attracting the audience with her talent.

Inna Churikova

The appearance of the actress not only did not help her achieve success, but also became a problem. At first, she was not admitted to the institute, then the public did not like Inna on the screen. But the actress stubbornly went through any difficulties and successfully coped with them.

Yana Sexte

The non-standard appearance of the actress has become her specialty. As a child, she was often offended because of this, but today she is not at all offended by such insults. The girl lives her own life, which brings her joy.

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