Crisis Of "Spartak". Even Promes Does Not Carry Such A Team

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Crisis Of "Spartak". Even Promes Does Not Carry Such A Team
Crisis Of "Spartak". Even Promes Does Not Carry Such A Team

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Spartak - Rubin: express results of the match:

- Spartak has four defeats in a row: three in the league (Sochi - 0: 1; Zenit - 1: 3; Rubin - 0: 2), one in the Cup (Dynamo - 0: 2);

- all four defeats - after the dismissal of Shamil Gazizov from the post of general director of the club;

- Spartak's only goal in these meetings was Dejan Lovren's own goal;

- refereeing of Sergei Lapochkin: Alexander Sobolev's goal was not scored due to offside position; Roman Zobnin and Oliver Abildgaard were sent off each for two yellow cards; Oleg Shatov and Silvie Begich will miss the match with Zenit, in addition to Abildgaard.

Now about the Spartak crisis.

The defeat of Spartak by Dynamo (0: 2) seemed to be an accident. Although the reds and whites could not at all pass the pressure of the blues and whites, there was a feeling that with the return of Quincy Promes everything would be fine. However, this did not happen - Spartak lost no chance to Rubin (0: 2).

Spartak fans supported Tedesco with a banner with mistakes in German

You can talk a lot about the work of referee Sergei Lapochkin, but he was not mistaken with the removal of Roman Zobnin, who frankly lost his head. Two fouls without trying to play the ball are reinforced concrete yellow cards.

Moreover, in the second half, the rosters nevertheless leveled off. But even in such a situation, Spartak did not create convincing chances. Quincy Promes and Victor Moses interacted promisingly together, but one by one they became gray spots.

Bystrov - about Promes in the starting lineup of Spartak: When Tedesco doesn't care, he can do that

It is possible that the team lacked Domenico Tedesco and Jordan Larsson, who missed the game due to disqualification. But Alexander Sobolev, on whom Spartak fans have high hopes, could have shown his leadership skills. Djordje Despotovich became the hero instead.

Tedesco announced new tactical solutions before the season resumption, but the problems remained the same. Fans have expressed concern that the coach who announced his retirement is continuing to work with the team. I myself said that there is nothing to worry about because before that Tedesco had done a quality job and he has an established contact with the players. But it is very likely that the national mentality triumphs over the professionalism that the players must maintain in any situation, and the team openly abandons the game. Although this should not be at such a high level. Just look at Borussia Mönchengladbach. It is known that head coach Marco Rose is leaving for Dortmund, but his team is still fighting on an equal footing with one of the strongest rivals of the league, RB Leipzig (2: 3), and still hopes to break through to the Champions League playoffs.

Spartak now has a great chance to make it to this very Champions League. There is an outbreak of coronavirus in CSKA, and Zenit cannot improve their game. But instead, Spartak has four defeats in a row, which put an additional burden on the players.

Domenico Tedesco's team needs an emotional shake-up. Otherwise, Spartak may withdraw from the championship and end the season ahead of schedule.

Russian championship. 20th round

Spartak - Rubin - 0: 2

"Spartacus": Maksimenko - Maslov (Z. Bakaev, 81), Zhigo, Dzhikia (k), Ayrton - Moses, Zobnin, Hendrix (Kral, 46), Promes - Sobolev, Ponce

"Ruby": Dyupin - Zuev (Begich, 25), Uremovich (k), Starfelt, Samoshnikov - Musaev (Yevtich, 81), Abildgor - Makarov (S. Bakaev, 85), Shatov, Kvaratskhelia - Despotovich

Goals: Despotovich, 53, 89

Warnings: Gigot, 12; Moses, 20; Zobnin, 37; Sobolev, 75; Jikia, 87 / Shatov, 7; Begich, 26; Abildgaard, 62

Deletions: Zobnin, 45 + 3 / Abildgor, 71 (both are second warnings)

Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (St. Petersburg)

28th of February. Moscow. "Otkrytie Arena".


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