Five Habits That Make Us Old

Five Habits That Make Us Old
Five Habits That Make Us Old

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Growing old is boring, Faina Ranevskaya said, but this is the only way to live long. Boring and insulting, we agree with the great actress. Especially if old age starts knocking on the door much earlier than the time allotted to it. Reflecting on the tired face with the first unwanted wrinkles, age spots, drooping corners of the lips, a swirling oval. Cosmetologists will confirm that we often “surpass” our age, look worse and older than our years because of our habits, which at first glance are absolutely harmless. However, there is good news: by getting rid of these "features" of your own, you can turn back the clock, cheer up and feel much younger. And the sooner this happens, the longer you will enjoy the result.


So, the most harmful of all, according to our experts, is:

1. Do not remove makeup before bed

Laziness, as you know, is not a vice, but it can cause a lot of trouble. According to Olga Bezruk, a cosmetologist, going to bed without cleaning your skin with special makeup remover is a real crime against your own appearance. After all, it is in a dream that the skin rests, all regeneration processes begin to work actively. Pores clogged with makeup can cause inflammation and acne, and make skin irritated and dull.

“My main rule is to wash off makeup at night. No matter how tired I am, I will definitely wash myself before bed,”says the singer Tatyana Bulanova about herself. The singer prefers to wash off cosmetics with water. However, according to experts, ordinary water cannot dissolve fats and completely remove make-up and care products that contain them. Therefore, they recommend using micellar water or special cosmetic milk for makeup remover.

2. Overuse tanning

Not spoiled by the sun in our latitudes, we try to restore injustice at every opportunity and sunbathe “to the fullest”, trying not to think about what stress our skin gets, paying for a beautiful complexion with early aging. Do you think it's an exaggeration? "Under the active sun, the skin becomes drier, cell renewal slows down, wrinkles and age spots appear." - said Natalya Orlovskaya, a specialist in natural health improvement.

The classic rules for getting a safe tan are well known to many:

avoid the sun during the most active hours from 12 to 17 hours, drink enough water, protect the head from overheating, use creams with SPF protection, and preferably not only in summer (up to 50 SPF), but also in winter (at least 20 SPF).

3. Smoking

All doctors speak with one voice about the harmful consequences of this habit, to which modern women are subject no less than men. And cosmetologists are no exception. “Smoking causes vasospasm, microcirculation is disturbed and, accordingly, all metabolic processes, the regenerative capacity of the skin is reduced. - Aigul Zakhirova, a dermatovenerologist, a cosmetologist of the EPILAS network of medical centers, told SP. "The skin loses its firmness, becomes dry and dehydrated, and the complexion becomes dull."

Smoking, as well as an excessive love of tanning, accelerates the aging process at times. So you have to choose: either to continue to increase wrinkles (and a bunch of diseases) at an accelerated pace - or, having "quit" smoking and armed with protective creams, seek professional help from cosmetologists. “The aging process is a complex of interrelated processes, and to combat them, an integrated approach is also needed,” comments Aigul Zakhirova.- For example, laser skin rejuvenation procedures help to improve skin microcirculation and start the synthesis of new cells and collagen fibers. This technique is as comfortable and gentle as possible, it works effectively without damaging the skin."

4. Squinting and nuzzling gadgets

The time spent at the screen of gadgets is growing, no matter what. All spells to use them less or continue to read paper books instead of electronic ones more and more resemble a crying voice. And crow's feet around the eyes and progressive myopia seem to be the inevitable price to pay for technological progress. But do not give up quickly: if you squint every now and then, gadgets most likely have nothing to do with it. You need to see a good ophthalmologist and have your eyesight checked. Perhaps the right glasses will solve the problem, and a beautiful frame will make your look even more stylish.

Also, remember to wear sunglasses in the sun. Special collagen creams will also help to increase the elasticity of the eyelid skin.

Little tricks will also help in working with gadgets. “Train yourself to look at the phone, not lowering your face down, but, on the contrary, raising it to eye level. Even this simple trick will help to get rid of unnecessary wrinkles on the neck and horizontal wrinkles in the chin area,”says Olga Degtyareva, a face fitness trainer with an international diploma.

5 get discouraged

Loving yourself, feeling loneliness as freedom and not being discouraged in any circumstances is a habit more characteristic of Western women. Our mothers prepared their daughters for work and study, and tried to get them married faster. Tell the girls "how beautiful you are!" in the USSR it was considered extremely uneducated.. Girls born in the 21st century are already different. But it is obvious that radically changing the mentality of several generations of Russian women 40+ is not an easy task. Perhaps, it was precisely these features of our women that allowed cosmetologist Ekaterina Morozova to draw a conclusion about a special type of aging characteristic of Russia. In an interview with Channel Five, Morozova singled out social aging among the main factors of aging. “As soon as a woman loses the meaning of life, her hands give up, she stops taking care of herself,” said the beautician. It is difficult to argue with such a statement, but I absolutely do not want to agree. The best way to love yourself, as psychologists say, is to stop feeling sorry and mourning your failures, keep your back straight and be sure to smile, no matter what! After all, a smile, among other things, also has a powerful lifting effect. Cosmetologists will remove mimic wrinkles after such a lifting with a laser without any problems. Smile and be happy!

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