Beauties Spoiled By Plastic Surgery

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Beauties Spoiled By Plastic Surgery
Beauties Spoiled By Plastic Surgery

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Sydney Rom


The American beauty was born into the family of the owner of a plastics factory. The actress, singer and model had a spectacular appearance, for which she owed her Italian roots, and her graceful facial features and slender figure made her one of the most charming stars of the seventies.

With age, Sydney tried to conquer nature and time - the girl became interested in all types of plastic surgery: numerous facelifts, Botox injections, anti-aging procedures, fillers and other cosmetological "joys". This approach led to the fact that the woman became like "Bride of Chucky".

Now the former beauty lives in Italy, together with her husband and two children, adopted in Brazil.

Janice Dickinson

The supermodel of the 80s in her youth was distinguished by her "thoroughbred" appearance and resembled a Greek Amazon, but over the years she received the status of a victim of plastic surgery.

Once a hot beauty only had time to count countless fees, contracts and took everything from life. Now, in pursuit of beauty, her face began to resemble a tight mask. Despite this, Dickinson was pleased with the result, and continues to turn to professionals for help with rejuvenation.

Melanie Griffith

The ex-wife of Antonio Banderas and Don Johnson had the status of Hollywood's sex symbol for many years. Melanie's appearance has always been a topic for discussion, but the girl lacked this - she wanted more. She decided to improve her natural data, became interested in plastic and could not stop.

A large number of operations, injections have led to the fact that the girl has changed beyond recognition. The actress admitted: everything went so far that only fair criticism of the fans helped her to stop.

Jocelyn Wildeystein

Spoiler alert: a woman is known for more than just being a "victim of surgery." Several years ago, during a violent quarrel, the billionaire tried to stab her lover with scissors. Beloved Jocelyn considers her quite attractive, although the whole world has called her Catwoman.

On account of Jocelyn's eyebrow and eyelid lift, an altered eye shape, implants inserted into the cheeks and chin, an altered lip shape, a mid-face lift. The woman decided on drastic changes for the sake of her ex-husband, a billionaire. It didn't help: Alec Wildenstein left his wife for the sake of the Russian model Lyubov Stupakova.

Michaela Romanini

The girl turned to plastic at a fairly early age: after thirty years. First, Romanini wanted plumper lips, then filler injections to get rid of wrinkles.

Despite the fact that most people think Mikaella is downright scary, she is not going to stop and considers herself attractive. Such self-esteem can be envied, because a woman is not the first year among the ten most ugly in Italy.

Lara Flynn Boyle

The actress, known for her roles in the TV series "Twin Peaks" and "Practice", was carried away by plastic arts so much that it negatively affected her career.

The woman did an eyelid and eyebrow lift, nose reshaping, lip augmentation, injected botox and fillers. After all the metamorphoses, they stopped offering her roles in worthy films, which affected her psychological state, but even this did not prevent her hobbies for plastic.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is one of the most talented country singers in America, who became known not only for her voice, but also for her love of mammoplasty.

The woman increased her breasts to the eighth size - this affected the incorrectly distributed load on the spine, and as a result, she developed back problems. Also, the country singer changed her lips, the shape of her chin and cheekbones, and did facelifts.

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