This Is Cruel: Kate Winslet Criticized For Being Overweight

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This Is Cruel: Kate Winslet Criticized For Being Overweight
This Is Cruel: Kate Winslet Criticized For Being Overweight

Video: This Is Cruel: Kate Winslet Criticized For Being Overweight

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"This is cruel": Kate Winslet criticized for being overweight


Kate Winslet gave a new interview and spoke about the criticism of her body in the media. Over the years, the actress has received an Oscar, three Golden Globes and three BAFTA awards. However, these achievements were overshadowed by the journalists' obsession with her appearance after the release of Titanic.

Shot from the movie "Titanic"

For example, TV presenter Joan Rivers once joked: "If she just lost five pounds, Leo (Leonardo DiCaprio - Ed.) Could fit on a raft." The 45-year-old actress, in a conversation with The Guardian, reacted to the criticism in the following way: “It was funny how shocking, critical, downright cruel the tabloid journalists were towards me. I was still trying to figure out who the hell I was! They comment on my size, estimate how much I weigh, invent the diets I've been on. It was so unpleasant to read."

Kate added that she was often asked to comment on her own appearance. And when she did answer the questions, she was subjected to a new wave of criticism: “Then I got this label assertive and outspoken. No, I'm not like that, I was just defending myself."

Kate Winslet

At the beginning of her career, such news, according to Kate, undermined her self-confidence, forcing her to reconsider her future in the acting world. She mused, "I didn't want to go to Hollywood because I remember thinking," If they talk to me like that in England, what will happen when I move? " In addition, it distorts one's own perception of aesthetics. I really felt very lonely. " However, for Winslet, everything changed when she and her ex-husband James Tripleton became parents: "And it all just evaporated." Recall that James was the actress's first husband from 1998 to 2001.

Kate Winslet and James Tripleton

Note, recently Kate Winslet spoke about the bullying after the "Titanic".

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