The Settlement "Severny" Will Acquire A Storm Sewer

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The Settlement "Severny" Will Acquire A Storm Sewer
The Settlement "Severny" Will Acquire A Storm Sewer

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The problem of the actual absence of storm sewers in the city has not faded into the background for many years and becomes especially acute with every rain. Spring came, it got warmer, the snow began to melt, and the city swam again … This problem is especially acute in the Severny microdistrict. The district is new, but the wastewater disposal system in the proper volume, even if it was planned, was definitely not built

It is difficult to count how many residents of Anatoly Deriglazov Avenue and other streets sent appeals to various authorities and social networks. In 2019, the Kursk region prosecutor's office took up this problem. Recall, as a result of considering the appeal of residents of SNT "Lesok", it was established that there is no centralized water disposal system on the territory of SNT. As a result, there are flooding of houses, pollution and soil erosion due to water erosion. In connection with the revealed facts, the prosecutor's office made a submission to the city administration. In addition, the prosecutor's office sent a statement of claim to the court, in which it demanded to oblige the administration to organize the proper drainage of storm water from the territory of the village of Severny. The requirements were met. But the issue has not been resolved to this day.

It looks like "the ice has broken" and the situation will begin to change in the near future: on March 2, Governor Roman Starovoit signed a resolution "On the development of a territory planning project and a land survey project in its composition to establish the boundaries of land plots intended for the placement of the linear facility" Storm sewage with treatment facilities for the territory of microdistrict 2 of the complex development of the residential area "Severny" of Kursk ". According to this document, Vodokanal Municipal Unitary Enterprise is to develop a project for the planning of the storm sewer system (at its own expense), and the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of the regional center is to ensure its implementation. Deputy Governor Alexei Smirnov will take over control of the implementation.

It should be noted, however, that no specific deadlines have been set for resolving the issue and it remains to be hoped for conscience, responsibility and a quick solution of the tasks set, especially since the decree is considered to have entered into force from the day it was signed.

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