Life After 40: Give Up Hope Anyone Entering Here?

Life After 40: Give Up Hope Anyone Entering Here?
Life After 40: Give Up Hope Anyone Entering Here?

Video: Life After 40: Give Up Hope Anyone Entering Here?

Video: Life After 40: Give Up Hope Anyone Entering Here?
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The question of how a woman under forty should or should not look and live flares up in the blogosphere with enviable regularity. In the course of the play, it turns out that in general such a woman has "debts" and obligations to everyone in a row, at least a couple of lifetimes ahead, but her rights and prospects are almost zero.


There is a discount for supermodels, movie stars and others like them: there is social status, capital, stylists, and plastic surgeons - all this partly compensates for their "advanced" age in the eyes of the audience and allows pimply losers to speak authoritatively from sofas about the suitability of screen beauties as potential sexual partners in the spirit of "pulling with beer."

Ordinary average citizens, whose youth are irrevocably gone, old age - in their understanding - has not yet come, but there is no world fame or millions of states at all, are not lucky. Oddly enough, they still want to live, and fully, but, according to a fairly significant part of commentators, they have few alternatives. Either not embarrass yourself and crawl to the cemetery, or think about your soul and concentrate on pies for your grandchildren. And God forbid looking for a job in 40 years: it's time to have your own business, and not go for someone for hire, sofa experts are sure.

How to be beautiful and not go broke

The secrets of attractiveness

This is where it begins. And not “life,” as the heroine of the cult movie “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” said, but a real tragedy. According to popular belief, after 35-40 years, many lonely and not very successful women try desperately to deny their age - they get young, dress up and make up like in their youth, flirt and generally behave like "infantile 20-year-old hens", thereby to prove to himself and others that a woman is a berry again, and in general, age is just an absurd convention.

In principle, such self-deception is understandable: indeed, half a life is behind it, some tangible achievements may not be visible in it, the princes have "grown up", the non-princes have completely shrunk, it is clearly impossible to marry an oligarch and build a career. All that remains is to pretend that you are still 20. Again, the very idea that life experience and capital should compensate for the outgoing youth is unacceptable for many women: why should they be afraid to become “mothers” for someone if they, especially in the evening light, are they still quite young? All the more so if neither capital nor experience has started, and there is nothing special to compensate for old age.

There is some truth in the fact that this often produces a comical effect. It's one thing if a forty-year-old woman is young in mind and body, energetic, successful in her field of activity and looks no worse than 30-year-olds (despite the fact that you can start yourself up and look at "half a toss" even at 25), and quite another thing when she dressed in multi-colored leggings and dyed purple, she underestimates her age by an order of magnitude on a dating site and goes in the image of a "young tender doll" in search of a hypothetical man, or even a sponsor.

Men (fortunately, not all!), For their part, are often sure that after 35-40 years, a woman should be grateful to the grave of anyone who looked at her without disgust. All this, as has already been noted more than once, generates a lot of gender conflicts with mutual clicks on self-esteem, mutating into a deadly battle between "old nags" and "divorced women with a trailer" with "beggars, stupid losers without housing and normal work."

Appetizing forms

Eat and lose weight

So how can an ordinary "aunt" survive after 40, and, most importantly, why? Not counting, of course, cross-stitching and caring for grandchildren. Maybe the myths are greatly exaggerated, it is too early to give up on oneself, and there are even ghostly chances of settling down, for example, “for an oligarch”? Indeed, judging by the profiles from dating sites, many single women at this age still cherish such dreams.

"MIR 24" tried to find out this from the famous pimp, 60-year-old Peter Listerman, but he did not want to share "recipes for happiness" for 40-year-olds, apparently, not considering this target audience at least somewhat promising. By the way, the question concerned not only 40-year-old women, but also men, many of whom are sure that, despite their bald head, beer belly and low-paying jobs, they are still gifts - including for wealthy women.

And here is the star stylist, 34-year-old Anvar Ochilov, talked about how to look better for the representatives of this age group, so that at least they do not look like freaks.

“First of all, a woman over forty should choose her every outfit, image, hairstyle, makeup correctly. At 20-25 you can dress in anything, although at 25 you can look 40. But after 35, a woman should act very carefully. As Chanel said: if you don't know what to wear, wear a dark blue or black dress. If you do not know how to make up, slightly emphasize the eyes, for example, with an under-eyelash contour, emphasize the silhouette of the face, and that will be enough. At age, you need to be very careful with makeup, and trying to imitate the young is a big mistake. Makeup and clothing should be age appropriate. Each age has its own beauty,”the expert noted.

Restraint, he says, is best. But for some special occasions, makeup can be brighter, with an emphasis on the eyes. “It seems to me that after 35-40 years you shouldn't give up on yourself, but accents should be placed competently and not overdo it with makeup. This is already a great success. For hair, haircut, style of clothing, classics are always relevant. You should never chase after multi-colored hair, imitate some kind of star. Each person should be himself,”the stylist notes.

It should be remembered that makeup is the main thing that gives age. “Bright eyes and bright accents are everything, your entire age is immediately apparent. No matter how cool a woman dresses, in the first place she is not given out by clothes, but by makeup, if you go too far with it. Likewise, in clothes - there are frames, although much depends on the shape of the woman. But it is better to look restrained and choose pastel colors without overusing multi-colored ones. Consider the movie The Devil Wears Prada - what did Meryl Streep look like there? She was middle-aged, but stylish, with minimal makeup - mascara and a light lash line. Or Princess Diana: even when she was young, she always wore very famous brands, always dressed in the same colors - dark blue, white, pink. She brightened these fabrics with embellishments. If you want to look beautiful, stylish, expensive and young, choose beautiful jewelry,”Anvar Ochilov advises.

Jeans and other unisex after 35-40 will not suit everyone. “There are slender and beautiful women who wear jeans at any age. If they are put on by a plump XXL woman, and even with a T-shirt, the effect is the opposite. At 20 she will still be forgiven for this, but at 40 it is unlikely. And in general I would not say that women are always adorned with jeans, a beautiful elegant classic dress is better. For those who do not like dresses, we can recommend suits, jackets, trousers that emphasize the silhouette, figure, chest. This is the feminine lightness and beauty. A woman after 40 years is a woman who has achieved success, has gone some way, able to be an example for others, so that people look at her in admiration,”the expert notes.

Those who, at 40, want to remain little infantile girls, alas, are destined for the role of freaks. “Yes, it's funny, and they will not be treated as women, but as girls of easy virtue. Thus, they demonstrate the inadequacy of their sexual life, show that they have not played enough, are in search, and do it quite vulgarly, the stylist summed up.

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