5 Plastic Surgeries That Are Especially In Demand Among Hollywood Stars

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5 Plastic Surgeries That Are Especially In Demand Among Hollywood Stars
5 Plastic Surgeries That Are Especially In Demand Among Hollywood Stars

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Plastic surgery is a proven way to improve and even radically change your appearance; not only Insta-divas and women who want to acquire thinner or more model facial features resort to it. Operations are not neglected by Hollywood stars, who, in pursuit of fame, youth and contracts, are ready for almost anything - they perform a variety of operations, ranging from breast augmentation to a circular facelift. Which ones are the most popular among celebrities? The answer to this question is in the new material on Passion.ru.

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First of all, despite the trend towards naturalness, mammoplasty remains one of the most popular operations both among stars and among ordinary women. Although recently celebrities began to refuse implants, to remove previously installed endoprostheses. Among the reasons that the stars talk about in numerous interviews, they interfere with them, make them uncomfortable, look unnatural …

For example, Tori Spelling, formerly the star of Beverly Hills 90210 and also a mother of five, writes that if she knew that endoprostheses would interfere with her during breastfeeding, she would never have installed them.

But nevertheless, many stars continue to enlarge their breasts, for example, the legendary top model Gisele Bündchen placed herself with implants after she completed the process of feeding the children. And, according to her, she is very happy, although at first she could not get used to her new forms.

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Actress Kate Hudson also decided to make her breasts more lush, and in the end everyone noted how prettier she was.

Pamela Anderson underwent breast reduction surgery by removing the large, round endoprostheses and replacing them with a more natural shape.

Nevertheless, this procedure remains one of the most common among stars, so you should not pay special attention to the speeches of representatives of show business, because any change in their figure and appearance is a topic for PR. Now the fashion for naturalness - and the stars rushed to "regret" the plastic, while continuing to make it.


Another favorite procedure of many stars, which is used by celebrities for different purposes. Someone like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence or Bella Hadid with her legendary "fox eyes" have changed the shape of the eyes. Moreover, the star of "The Hunger Games", like Amanda Seyfried, removed the overhanging eyelid and hernia.

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And someone decided to fight age-related changes: for example, Sarah Jessica Parker decided on this correction twice. Among those who performed blepharoplasty to combat age are such famous actresses as Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Meg Ryan. Men also resort to this procedure: for example, the musician Kenny Rogers made it, and George Clooney, with its help, acquired a more open and youthful look.

Bone Skeleton Surgery

Skeleton surgeries are often performed using contour implants. The same Angelina Jolie, the sex symbol of a whole generation of men around the world, made herself a plastic surgery of the lower jaw. This is not written anywhere - the star prefers not to talk about it, but plastic surgery specialists cannot be fooled: the angles of the lower jaw have become more "traced", pronounced. She certainly did it, and it is possible that the changes also affected the cheekbones.

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Mickey Rourke, who was a boxer before coming to Hollywood, also underwent plastic surgery on the skull, correcting the condition of the bones of the face, its contours to look like a real star. Now age has taken its toll, and Rourke often makes various procedures to eliminate age-related changes, including a facelift along with blepharoplasty.


Almost everyone strives to make their nose shorter, thinner, more elegant, but the main thing in this matter is not to overdo it. A successful example of rhinoplasty can be seen on the youngest of the Kardashian family - Kylie Jenner. After the correction, her heavy nose is a thing of the past - the profile of the star is very harmonious today.

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Ashlee Simpson successfully corrected her shape, also changing her big nose to a more accurate one. Zooey Deschanel, Lady Gaga, Blake Lively and even Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston have resorted to rhinoplasty at different times - and this is not a complete list of those who decided on this intervention and did not regret it. Despite the fact that Bella Hadid denies any intervention of plastic surgeons in her appearance, it is enough to look at her photo until 2014 - then the girl had a characteristic Semitic profile, and after that the future top model decided on a global face correction.


Closes the top 5 abdominoplasty. Even if you are a superstar, this is not a guarantee that you will not gain weight or lose weight dramatically, or that childbirth will not leave its mark on your appearance, so abdominoplasty was also included in the list of the most popular surgeries.

Jessica Simpson decided on this type of body shaping and got an excellent result after giving birth, getting rid of stretch marks, excess skin. At the same time, the star herself shares her positive experience after plastic surgery from the pages of publications.

This type of correction also saved Lady Gaga from folds on the sides and sagging belly. This is clearly visible in photographs from the beach - it is impossible to achieve such a figure by training alone. Another star who has resorted to the help of surgeons is singer Britney Spears.

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Summing up, I would like to add that Hollywood stars perform a variety of operations: abdominal liposuction, buttock lipofilling. For example, reality TV star Heidi Montag combined all these procedures, complementing them with breast augmentation and eyebrow lift - and all this was done by surgeons in one day. Jane Fonda, Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon, Joan Rivers have facelifts on a regular basis. And the singer Cher, an ardent supporter of plastics, has tried almost all types of interventions on herself. And he looks perfect in his 74 years!

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