Anfisa Chekhova Showed How She Looked At The Age Of 16

Anfisa Chekhova Showed How She Looked At The Age Of 16
Anfisa Chekhova Showed How She Looked At The Age Of 16

Video: Anfisa Chekhova Showed How She Looked At The Age Of 16

Video: The best of Anfisa Chekhova / Anfisa Chehova / Анфиса Чехова 2022, December

In adolescence, the star was complex because of her appearance and figure.


The famous TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova was born in Moscow. The star decided to show fans an archive photo from her youth. In the picture, the celebrity is only 16 years old. By the way, Anfisa Chekhova admitted that in adolescence she was very complex about her appearance and figure. And I tried to lose weight in various extreme ways. However, the Network noted that the star was a beautiful girl.

My friend @yustupa, with whom we have been friends since the last grades of school, found my 1994 photo in her storerooms. It seems to me that it’s 16 And in the eyes of all the sorrow of the Jewish people And a fingal under the eye of natural origin, no one beat me How do you?

- said the TV presenter.

"You can't spoil your youth", "Gorgeous! You haven't changed much! "," Young) naive) and confusion in the eyes) "," What a cutie !!! "," Very beautiful "," Naive, gentle. For me - a new Anfisa "," What can I say, Anfisa! Beautiful girl!”,“Hasn't changed at all”,“You are very beautiful”,“Such spontaneity”,“Sweet and beautiful girl !!!”,“What a beautiful woman”,“For me, she is so simply beautiful! ", - comments the audience on Instagram.

Recall that since 2009, Anfisa Chekhova met with actor Guram Bablishvili. The couple got married in mid-June 2015, and before that, on May 31, 2012, their son Solomon was born. In 2017, the couple announced a divorce. Nevertheless, Anfisa and Guram remained friends and easily agreed on how they would take care of their son. The boy spends time both with his father in Georgia and with his mother in Russia. Moreover, sometimes ex-spouses meet and communicate with their son at the same time.

By the way, the star dreams of re-experiencing the happiness of motherhood. Anfisa Chekhova frankly told the fans that she wants another baby. True, so far the TV presenter does not see worthy candidates for the role of father for the unborn child. But the celebrity hopes that her dreams will come true.

Photo: Instagram @achekhova

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