What Pulitzer Prize Winners Are Photographing Now

What Pulitzer Prize Winners Are Photographing Now
What Pulitzer Prize Winners Are Photographing Now

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The Pulitzer Prize was founded by the American journalist Joseph Pulitzer. He bequeathed a large sum to Columbia University for the creation of a journalism school and a professional award. It was first presented in 1917. The number of nominations was constantly changing - now there are 21 of them. During the entire existence of the award, three Russians became its owners. And one of them is the photojournalist Sergei Ponomarev.


Sergey Ponomarev

Sergey was born in Moscow and studied at the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University. The young man did an internship at the newspaper Argumenty i Fakty, and also worked at Kommersant and Gazeta. Ponomarev repeatedly visited hot spots and took piercing photographs, for which he received a large number of awards. Ponomarev's talent and efforts made him the owner of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. The photojournalist received an award in 2016 for photographing refugees from the Middle East.

Ponomarev continues his professional career and even conducts training courses for beginner photographers. The photojournalist has not ceased to be interested in social topics. For example, one of the recent photographs captures a communal apartment in St. Petersburg. Ponomarev talks about how difficult it is to find contact with people in such conditions.

Daniel Berekhulak

Daniel Berekhulak is an Australian photographer who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2015 for his series of shots on Ebola in Africa. Now pictures of the consequences of coronavirus infection in Mexico appear on the photographer's page on the social network.

Linsey Addario

Lincy Addario is a military photojournalist who has visited many hot spots, survived captivity and bullying, but remained faithful to her profession. Lincy won the Pulitzer Prize in 2009.

The girl has released an autobiography and continues to take poignant and impressive pictures. Of course, the photojournalist did not stay away from the situation with the coronavirus infection, which has swept the whole world. Linxi regularly posts footage of doctors and their patients.

Barbara Davidson

Canadian photographer Barbara Davidson won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for her photograph of an innocent victim of an American gang shootout. The picture was taken at a California medical facility. Today Barbara continues to live in California. The photographer has a whole series of shots called "Portraits as Proof of a Pandemic." They show random people in masks. Thus, Barbara is trying to draw attention to the problem of COVID-19 in the United States.

Preston Gunnaway

Photographer Preston Gunnaway won a Pulitzer Prize for Artistic Photography in 2009. She posted a series of photographs of Caroline St-Pierre, a woman struggling with severe cancer. And to this day, the photographer continues to show people tragic, powerful, inspiring stories.

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