How To Care For Eyelashes After Extension?

How To Care For Eyelashes After Extension?
How To Care For Eyelashes After Extension?

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Long, fluffy, beautifully curved eyelashes can be not only a gift from nature, you can get them in the office of a lashmaker - an eyelash extension master. This procedure is long and complicated, but you can enjoy the beautiful framing of the eyes for a whole month. True, for this you have to learn a few rules!

The secret of an expressive look

“After the extension procedure, the eyes get a beautiful open look, and the eyelashes are so long and fluffy that many clients even refuse to use makeup,” says lashmaker Sabah Feroz.

On average, artificial hairs last 6-8 weeks. How long the beauty will last in a particular case largely depends on how the fair sex will look after them.

On a note!

Usually the procedure lasts 2-4 hours, depending on the chosen volume of eyelashes and the skill of the lashmaker. Since the eyes have to be kept closed all the time, it is not uncommon for the client to fall asleep. She should wake up with luxurious eyelashes: long, thick and with a beautiful curve. In this case, there should be no discomfort and pain.

How to care for eyelashes after extension?

So, you've grown beautiful eyelashes, what to do next?

1. Evaluate the work of the lashmaker

Most likely, you spent a couple of hours of your life in the master's office, but do not rush to leave. Immediately after the procedure, you need to comb the hairs with a special brush. If you see that a lot of glue has accumulated somewhere, the eyelashes are stuck together, or the artificial eyelash is poorly fixed, tell the master about it. It removes excess glue with a special product and straightens artificial hairs. This will allow the added beauty not to come off ahead of time.

The most convenient way to check your eyelashes is to use an illuminated cosmetic magnifying mirror. Lashmakers in their work use a small mirror with a long handle, it allows you to see the eyelashes from all sides for a beautiful natural result.

2. Avoid water for the first 48 hours

On and following the day of eyelash extension, it is better to avoid contact of hairs with water. This is necessary because the adhesive base has not yet completely hardened, which means that the eyelashes are easy to damage.

You will also have to refuse to visit a bath or sauna, places with high humidity. If it is raining, be sure to bring an umbrella.

3. Use a fixer

To keep the eyelashes better, lashmakers suggest using special fixing products. They protect artificial hairs from moisture and other negative factors that shorten their life.

There are two types of fasteners - transparent and colored. The former protect the eyelashes and give them a luxurious shine, while the latter also make the color richer and deeper.

Did you know?

Allergy to the glue used to fix the eyelashes is not such a rare occurrence. Some lashmakers claim that they use special hypoallergenic adhesives, but you need to understand that the composition of all types of glue is approximately the same. And it almost always includes formaldehyde.

4. Learn to wash properly

Spending a few hours in the master's office and rinsing your eyelashes down the sink during the first wash sounds scary, right? Therefore, you need to act carefully.

Rinse your face with cool water, avoiding rubbing your lashes, then wait until they dry on their own. If necessary, remove moisture with a dry cloth and comb the eyelashes with a special brush.

5. Remove makeup gently

Often, women who extend eyelashes refuse to use decorative cosmetics for their eyes.But if that's not your case, you need to learn how to safely remove makeup. To do this, you will have to give up cotton pads and washing brushes. Cotton wool fibers can stick to your lashes and ruin their appearance, and washing brushes will ruin your lashes.

It is most convenient to use cotton swabs to remove eye makeup. Dip the stick in micellar water and gently wipe off your makeup. Avoid friction and pressure!

6. Use gentle cosmetics

"Eyelash extensions are not afraid of oily textures, but the latter can weaken the effect of the glue," says celebrity lashmaker and makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. Therefore, you need to abandon any products containing oils, nourishing creams and cleansing creams. Ideal cosmetics for the skin around the eyes - water-based.

When choosing decorative cosmetics for skin and eyelashes, give preference to dry friable textures, set aside cream shadows and make-up bases.

Did you know?

Too thick, voluminous, long artificial eyelashes not only make natural eyelashes heavier, which can lead to their overload and loss, but also complicate care. Bacteria and sebum accumulate at the base line, which can provoke the development of an infection.

7. Try not to touch your eyelashes with your hands

For natural eyelashes to acquire a luxurious curl, girls and women use curling irons. In the case of artificial beauty, this is not necessary.

“The hairs are already twisted and raised, and manipulating the forceps can damage the adhesive backing. Plus, you can get bends that can't be corrected,”warns lashmaker and makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes.

8. Use mascara to a minimum.

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes advises against using waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Eye makeup should be easy to wash off, because the longer the exposure to glue and eyelashes, the more likely it is to damage something.

If you do not want to give up mascara, use it to dye your lashes, starting from the middle of the hair length. Swiping the brush "from the roots" can damage the glue, and it will be much more difficult to remove makeup.

9. Avoid hot water treatments

It is best to avoid taking a hot bath or shower at any stage of wearing your eyelashes. The steam coming from the water can weaken the effect of the glue and the eyelashes will simply end up on the floor.

The founder of the brand of eyelash extensions, Clementine Richardson, also advises to be careful with the pressure of the water. If the water pressure is strong while you shower, the fake eyelashes will simply come off.


Take breaks between extensions. By allowing natural lashes to rest and strengthen, you extend their lifespan.

10. Comb your eyelashes before bed

Another important rule in the care of eyelashes, which will allow them to adorn their eyes for longer, is to comb the hairs every evening. It is most convenient to use the following life hack: close one eye, attach a metal spoon to the base of the eyelashes so that the eyelashes lie on its convex side. Brush gently with a brush and repeat for the other eye.

11. Don't sleep with your face in the pillow.

High-quality artificial eyelashes consist of a special fiber that withstands mechanical stress and almost always regains its shape. But during sleep, eyelashes can wrinkle. Due to close contact with the pillow and friction, the adhesive loses strength and loose hairs may remain on the pillow. Therefore, it is better and more comfortable to sleep on your back.

“For sweet dreams, choose a silk pillowcase. You've probably heard that it prevents the appearance of wrinkles, which form if the skin wrinkles or shrinks during sleep. But it can also preserve the beauty of eyelash extensions, preventing them from rubbing and clinging to cotton textures,”says beauty expert Clementine Richardson.

12. Trust the professionals

Give up the idea of ​​removing eyelashes at home, the use of oil, fat cream, milk for makeup remover and even professional products can turn into a disaster. Just one awkward movement and you can damage natural eyelashes, and after all, the final result depends on them!

If the framing of the eyes after removing the artificial beauty leaves much to be desired, do not rush to get upset! There are at least 6 ways to restore eyelashes after extension.

Expert Commentary: Maya Adivi, Makeup Artist

Many women are worried if eyelash extensions will harm their natural hairs? It depends on how you look after them.

Some women are more prone to losing their eyelashes, others less. The extension procedure is always stressful for the hairs, therefore it can increase their loss. But a real professional knows this and takes into account all the risks, trying to minimize them - listen to his recommendations!

When choosing the volume of future eyelashes, as well as materials for extensions, keep in mind that light medium-length eyelashes last longer than heavy, longer ones. They also put less stress on natural eyelashes, keeping their natural beauty.


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