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“The territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia are receiving information that the organizers of unauthorized public events in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, scheduled for January 31, are calling on their supporters to behave aggressively against law enforcement officers ensuring public order. The aim of the provocateurs is to initiate clashes between the protesters and representatives of law enforcement agencies. Units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and other law enforcement agencies will take all necessary measures to maintain public order in places where public events are held. At the same time, we warn that any violent actions against employees, failure to comply with their legal requirements will be suppressed. Persons who have committed such offenses will be detained and prosecuted as stipulated by law. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on citizens to refrain from participating in uncoordinated actions. Under these conditions, the risk of provocations on the part of their organizers and active participants, aimed at disrupting public order, increases. In this case, your personal safety may be at risk. We strongly recommend that you prevent your minor children, other relatives and friends from participating in unauthorized activities. We remind you once again that restrictive measures related to the spread of the new coronavirus infection continue to operate in the regions of the Russian Federation, including those related to public events. In this regard, calls for unauthorized actions and participation in them are violations of the law and entail administrative, and in some cases - criminal liability,”said the official representative of the Russian Interior Ministry, Irina Volk.

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