What An Ideal Woman Should Look Like

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What An Ideal Woman Should Look Like
What An Ideal Woman Should Look Like

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While still young, girls already dream of a "prince on a white horse". Many have a clear idea of ​​what it should be. But it turns out that men also have their own standard. Rambler made a review of social networks and will tell you how, according to the representatives of the stronger sex, an ideal girl looks like. The spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved.


Most often, men cite famous women as examples. Some people like the type of Magan Fox, others prefer girls like Kendall Jenner. For some men, it is very important that their lover has a well-developed sense of style.

“It's simple. The main thing is that there are no asymmetric facial features and strong signs of premature aging on the body. Easy make-up and the ability to dress according to the figure. For a neat breast shape, size does not matter. She should not have obvious signs of obesity and a bulging belly,”

- a web user shared a description of his ideal of female beauty.

There are those who prefer "curvy" women. And they are in the majority. In the modern world, many girls strive to be slim, but at the same time, many men do not like it.

“The ideal woman, from my point of view, has great height, prominent shape (big buttocks, chest), expressive eyes, medium width of the shoulders. It is desirable that it be of mixed origin”,

- another user told about his preferences.

At the same time, some representatives of the weaker sex admit that they do not care at all about the appearance of the chosen one. For them, her intellectual abilities and broad outlook are much more important.

“The ideal girl is the one you love! Who could be better? You begin to accept her for who she is. And it seems, and maybe it's true, everything that I liked about other girls before, everything is here, in the only one. And here to each his own ",

- assures the young man.

Summing up, we can conclude: how many men, so many opinions. Some people like small and blonde, others like tall brunettes. In addition, many members of the stronger sex believe in love, which, in their opinion, is the main ingredient in attractiveness. Therefore, women should not chase pseudo-ideals, but should learn to be themselves. Then they can find someone who will love them for their individuality.

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