Low Brows: The Trend Towards Naturalness

Low Brows: The Trend Towards Naturalness
Low Brows: The Trend Towards Naturalness

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For supporters of natural beauty, the "golden" time has finally come: now, in order to be fashionable and stylish, you do not need to deliberately pump your lips and breasts with silicone, remove Bisha's lumps to accentuate your cheekbones, or ask the masters to build up huge 3D eyelashes. A new trend called "naturalness" dictates new rules. It is not surprising that this trend has not spared such an important part of the face as the eyebrows. According to the new standards, they should be in their natural place, where they were from birth, and not strive upward. Plastic surgeon Lyubov Gower will tell you more about the new trend.


Let's be honest: in reality, very high eyebrows, given by nature, are extremely rare. Almost always, their appearance is the result of manipulations by a cosmetologist or an aesthetic surgeon. It is possible to achieve such an effect when carrying out the following corrections: various lifts - both classical and made with the help of an endoscope. A striking example: temporoplasty, or a forehead lift, or the installation of threads.

Has sunk into oblivion

An interesting fact is that it was the eyebrow lift (or browlifting) that was very popular. First of all, in very young patients. The reason for this is the pursuit of celebrities, those who are the "style icons" of the younger generation. Many of them have resorted to this procedure to give their look a special sexuality.

So, the most famous top models went under the surgeon's knife: Bella and Gigi Hadid, the wife of Justin Bieber Haley, the representative of the Kardashian family Kendall Jenner and others. This effect was especially pronounced in Bella Hadid, who also acquired "fox eyes" with the help of this manipulation. In their desire to be like idols, girls who were far from show business began to come to the aesthetic specialists.

Another option is when women who have crossed the 40-year mark turn to surgeons for help. They come with the aim of removing age-related changes. In particular, a pronounced sagging of the tissues of the upper region of the face.

By the way, Hollywood stars fight aging in a similar way. 53-year-old Nicole Kidman captivates everyone with her open gaze with upward eyebrows. Restless Latina beauty Jennifer Lopez, who is in her fifties, shows a face that is largely devoid of traces of time. Like 62-year-old Madonna, who does not hide the fact that she recently had a browlifting operation.

However, in your quest for youth, you should pay attention to maintaining the natural location of the eyebrows. To understand what is the norm for a face, you should look at your photographs taken in adolescence. You will be surprised, but this seemingly low position of the eyebrows today is the same, natural and anatomically correct. And all of your corrections should not make your eyebrows constantly amazed. And the celebrity before the operations was just like that.

The main rule that applies to the current trend for naturalness in relation to eyebrows is as follows: leave the eyebrows in the place where they were from birth.

If not browlifting, then what?

Browlifting is not necessary to effectively combat signs of age such as drooping eyelids, drooping soft tissue or ptosis. The upper blepharoplasty will be quite enough, thanks to which you can "open" your eyes, remove the sagging skin flap, leaving the eyebrows in their rightful place. And that is why this operation is traditionally included in the top 5 most demanded manipulations.

Another plus is its ability to solve complex problems associated with both the genetic factor and the life process.

Genetic changes include such congenital pathology as weak connective tissue of the eyelids. And this problem should be dealt with from an early age - after the stage of active growth and maturation. Otherwise, this defect can seriously "poison" life, causing complications such as chronic swelling and the appearance of "bags". It is not surprising that, according to such indications, the main patient here is young people of both sexes, the age group of which is 18–35 years old.

If we talk about age-related or acquired changes, then the main problems here are general laxity of the skin, ptosis, the presence of excess soft tissues in the upper third of the face. And it is also necessary to fight them in order to exclude the formation of hernias.

Blepharoplasty will cope with all these situations. It is also supported by the fact that it is a low-traumatic type of correction and can even be performed under local anesthesia - if the surgeon sees a lack of opportunities for complications. Therefore, the rehabilitation period is relatively short here. So, hematomas and swelling will go away in 1-2 weeks, and full recovery is expected in a month. Discomfort and seam maintenance requirements are minimal.

All this makes blepharoplasty such a correction in demand among patients, regardless of their age and gender.

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